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Dehua Rail (Xi 'an) Electric Co., Ltd. (formerly Xi ’an Driescher Energy Solutions Co.,Ltd.) was founded together in March 2005 by Germany's Driescher company and Xi'an Dehua Technology Development Co., Ltd. It was officially renamed Dehua Rail (Xi 'an) Electric Co., Ltd. in March 2020.

The company is located in Xi 'an High-tech Development Zone, Shaanxi Province. It integrating research, development, manufacture and sales of high and new technology, mainly engaged in the low voltage isolating switch (tank), load switch (tank), operating mechanism and charged display device and other related products which used in railway, urban rail transit and power industry. Its design concept originated from Germany. In accordance with the needs of China's urban rail transit and electrified railway and other fields, in the spirit of reliable, stable, and intelligent innovation concept, the company continues to lead the development of the industry. The stability and reliability of the company's products have won unanimous praise in the industry, and some products are pioneering in the industry, filling the gap in China and even in the world. In recent years, the company has focused on the development of urban rail transit, and its market share in China has reached more than 80%. The market share of some products leading the industry is 100%, and some products such as visual isolation grounding device, load isolation grounding cabinet, over-zone isolation load switch cabinet, combined isolation switch, etc., are unique in the market. The isolation switch used in rail transit has developed become the domestic well-known brand industry suppliers. Our products have been successfully applied in domestic rail transit in more than 30 cities and 126 lines, with more than 15000 isolating switches (tank), and also exported to Israel and other countries and regions.

After more than ten years of development, the company has a research and development team with rich industry experience and first-class professional competence. It has developed a number of products (such as visual isolated grounding device, load switch cabinets, dc power, wind power switch condenser, etc.) which have replaced imported products. This has made a historic contribution to the development of China's switch industry, and has also achieved a number of honors and achievements. The company has participated in the formulation of the national industry standard of "Electrified railway high voltage AC isolating switch and ground switch; Electrified railway high voltage AC isolating load switch". Up to now, the company has more than 30 utility model patents. In 2013, the company was awarded as "Excellent Cooperative Supplier" by the international key project of China's first self-developed low-speed maglev. In 2017, the company was included in the "Large Scale Enterprise" of Xi'an city, and it was recognized as "A Level Tax Paying Enterprise" and "AAA Level Credit Enterprise" for many years. In 2019, our related products passed the CRCC certification of the ministry of railways.

Our company adhering to the development strategy of "Scientific rigor, High quality, Prevent pollution, Safety production, Customer satisfaction, Continuous improvement", stick to "based on products, create high-quality products" as the enterprise mission, in strict accordance with GB/T 19001-2016 / ISO 9001:2015 quality management system as the foundation and basis, and promote the lean production management mode comprehensively. The company will develop more safe, energy saving, efficient and intelligent switch products and switch derivatives for rail transit by the exquisite technology and realistic innovative spirit, so as to provide safe, reliable products and high quality, efficient services for the development of China's rail transit industry.

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Address:Area A, Business Development Park, 69 Jinye Road, Xi'an High-tech Zone, Shaanxi Province
Telephone:029-68590530 / 029-68590531
Zip code:710077
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